What a Rush!

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Last night I got to speak at an event at the Rochester Airport Convention Center here in Rochester, Minnesota for Thrive. I don’t know exactly how many people were there, but I told my story in front of the crowd. There was so much support and love. I had forgotten how good it feels to do something that helps people. I have felt glimpses of my old self here and there. But nothing like the rush I got last night when other people told me later that they were moved by my story. This is not the same thing as being told I did a good job or giving me kudos. I truly felt that by being vulnerable and honest, I actually could help people. It was so incredible and to top it off, Paul Gravette, one of the co-founders and owners of Le-Vel, was there to speak. (I got to talk with him & get photos after the event.)


Me with Paul Gravette
Me with Paul Gravette








I have discovered ExerciseAbilities, a physical therapy/fitness gym for neuro-recovery.  I go there twice a week and Chasity pushes me to go further and further every day. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know that I would get as far. I have an amazing physical therapist, Laura, and a great personal assistant, Zach, but Chasity is with me throughout.  I even walk on the treadmill with a harness on. I’m not holding on to anything. Laura moves my right leg for me so that I can keep up. It’s amazing to feel like I’m walking on my own again. I’m working on getting down to just a cane. I am so tired of having to walk with a walker. But I finally feel like I’m making strides again. I’ve plateaued.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the computer. I haven’t done much with my business, because I have been asked to work full-time with a company beginning in January. I will find out soon if it’s all to work out. In the meantime I’ve been having fun working with a couple of independent clients.

I will have eye surgery next week. I am leery of the surgeon working on my right eye. The hope is that by weakening the muscle I will be able to have full range of motion and not see double out of my left eye. I might actually realize one of my dreams, that of driving again.

I no longer see this as something I “get over”. I know that I have a lot of work to do to regain maximum strength, mobility, and independence. Someday I hope the PoNS will be available to people like me. My biggest fear is that there is help out there, but I can’t get it… I guess getting shut down three times for the DBS surgery really got to me. Here’s the news video from the PoNS:


If I don’t get back before, I hope everyone has a peace-filled holiday. May you feel love and joy this season.

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