The Dandelion

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The birds are chirping, grass is growing, and dandelions are turning to fuzz. I guess that means spring is almost over and summer is about to arrive. I don’t know where the time has gone! I have been busy trying to get my website the way I want it. And it’s just about there. It feels like I’ve accomplished something; the feeling of learning something new. That is amazing. I’ve also been working for a client who has a life coaching business. I’ve seen her car around town and signage up around her office. It’s so amazing to think I had a hand in that. I also passed proficiency exams for Adobe’s Indesign and Photoshop. Two programs that are very complex and, with multiple ways of doing things, hard to get grip on.

I guess it’s time to realize I know a little more than I think I do. In other words, I’m doing
okay. My confidence has been at an all-time low. Can you tell?! I spent a lot of time learning how to write, produce, and direct for film and television. This included editing and manipulating images. I was just at the beginning stages when all of this happened. As soon as I got back to California, I ended up going into sales. So I never really got a chance to learn everything I wanted to about production. I guess it’s only natural that my creative expression has gone to the Internet. I find using a mouse very liberating! Even though I can’t paint or draw very well, I can still create with pixels.

I have been asked to speak at the National Wheelchair Sports Camp at Ironwood Springs in a couple of weeks. I am also speaking at the Mayowood Stone Barn on June 15. I am excited for both events. I am in the process of tailoring my presentation that I gave for Maxability to a broader audience. The topic is still uncovering unconscious bias, but it will no longer be just about employment. In the process of creating the new presentation, I came across a new program, So as I master WordPress and learn how to build and design in Nexus themes, I am also learning how to create video presentations! As Dave tells me, ‘you really know how to keep busy’. Now if only more jobs would materialize…

The following is a picture and message that my Aunt, Erena Rae, wrote about my Uncle Gus:

The Dandelion, Erena Rae
The Dandelion, Erena Rae


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