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I was honored to be asked to speak at two different events this week. The first was Monday at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. It was for the National Wheelchair Sports Camp filled with amazing campers all there to have a good time. I actually made the news on both KTTC and Fox47! It was great to be a part of this event. The following are some pictures and video clip from the news.

Ironwood Springs 6.13.16



Video on KTTC:


I was also asked to present my story at the Thrive Local at the Mayowood Stone Barn on June 16 (or last night). I was able to present with my good friend who is also a promoter, Anne Borchardt, and her daughter Olivia. Anne is a life coach at Kaleidoscope Coaching Studios and one of my clients. Here are some photos from that event:


Thrive Local 61516


Always great to hear you make a difference. And I truly believe that everybody feels best when they have a purpose. I hope I can continue to do these things that give me a sense of purpose, but it’s still hard to see myself in a wheelchair. It is certainly is not the worst thing in the world; my chair wheelchair has become a part of me and I don’t know what I would do with out it. But that said, I still have high hopes to walk again some day. I am starting to realize the small triumphs in life and not concentrate on such big ones that are at best allusive. For now, it feels good to relax.

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