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I have been trying to figure out how best to enjoy the warmer weather. For the past two summers, I’ve been happy to be indoors most of the time. It’s been different this year. I’d love to be out more, but with gravel and grass, I wouldn’t get very far. I can go up and down my ramp, but that’s about it. I am hoping to get a FreeWheel soon. The larger front wheel lifts the little caster wheels (which get caught on absolutely everything) up and can help your chair go over uneven terrain.

My van is getting retrofitted right now. So I am closer to driving, which will help too. I think I’m even getting better at braking with my right hand. I am hoping to be able to grocery shop, get to meetings, or even work by myself.

I am no longer with Chasity, I’ve graduated beyond Independent Living Skills (ILS). I miss her like crazy, but I realize I am able to care for myself, and that’s awesome. She’s  the best! There will never be enough words to thank her and SMB Homes. I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve been given!

I am doing so well that I have 2 speaking engagements next week. The first will be at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch for The National Wheelchair Sports Camp,  The second is at The Mayowood Stone Barn for Thrive. It will be an honor to speak at both!

Life does go on.

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